Here's my first piece of non-Trek writing, a fantasy short story that has been called both "a great read" and "complicated". If you'd like to add some comments of your own, I would be happy to hear from you at

A man without Hate meets True Love... and only one of them will survive

11th September 2007: I have just been notified by a very kind person that someone has been using images taken from this site without my permission. 

This is not acceptable. Period.

Next time I notice something like this all the images on this site will be taken down permanently, no questions asked, no quarter given.

If you think "hey, he will never catch me, and even if he does, what can he do about it", think again. I might never be able to personally give you the beating you - very richly - deserve, but you will spoil the fun for everyone else.

What's so very difficult about sending me an email and asking me for permission to use my images? Answer: Nothing! Nothing at all! 

If asked nicely I have never withheld permission to use my images, but if some lazy bastard out there thinks that's too much for him/her to do, that person might very well find his/her name - and everything else I can find out - posted here so everyone can thank him/her for getting me angry enough to take down my pics. Thanks so very much shithead.

3D IMAGES (thumbnails - full-size images open in new window)


Update 10 September 2006:

Here are two more images based on the Star Wars roleplaying game I play in right now. 

In case you haven't guessed: The Twi'lek is my character in that game. :-)

Gunfight In Thee


Update 05 June 2006:

These lovely ladies are two of the most important NPCs from my current D&D game. 

Baroness Shari Waldgrün is the PCs major ally, and their liege, while Alicia is a vampire who lives in the PCs basement and looks after the house when the players are out on an adventure. (Let's just say that how this came to be is kind of a long story. ;-) )

Shari Alicia


The "old stuff"



Balance Angel Opera


Dark Side of the Town Twi'lek 1 Twi'lek 2

I came about an interesting little tutorial for "sketch effects", and of course I had to give it a try. :-)
The tutorial can be found here. While written for Photoshop, it works just as well with my favorite program, PaintShop.

Blood Red Moon


Postwork Experiment 1

Some even older works (i.e. from 2005):

Leaving Home Fire On High Nightshift

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