The images below are in the order the characters appear (or are mentioned) in the USS Valkyrie stories.

Commander M'rroah
(CO, USS Perseus)

Admiral Arkady Avanessian
(Chief of Fleet Operations)

Admiral Taro Nomura


Admiral Walter Collmann


Commander Treskat
(Starfleet Intelligence)

Doctor Turan
(Medical Officer, Jupiter station)

Captain Tarkington
(CO, USS Exeter)

Lieutenant (JG) Diana Stone
(Fighter pilot, CO Blue Lions squadron)

Admiral Elinor Fairchild
(Starfleet Commander-in-Chief)

Captain Edward Blake
(CO, USS Inari)

Commander Martin Jenor
(CO, Akadon outpost)

Captain Kyle Sanders
(CO, USS Malinche)

Admiral Betar
(Betazed sector Starfleet Command)

Admiral Sortek
(Chief of Strategic Operations)
Admiral Yen Tsu
(Chief of research and Exploration)
Captain Alonso Pietro
(CO USS Paladin)
Cadet Jenna Farnham Cadet Spanik