As these character portraied below are the "series regulars" of the USS Valkyrie they are listed in the same order Star Trek TV credits would list them, i.e. the CO first and the rest of the crew in alphabetical order, sorted by their last name (or in case of Cadet Tori Xedon) the part of their name most commonly used to address them.

Captain Tarin Veal
(Commanding Officer)


Lieutenant Felix Alvarez
(Security Officer)

Commander Dar Enikal
(Tactical Officer, XO)

Lieutenant Rishana Hagen


Lieutenant Caleb Foster
(self-proclaimed ace pilot)

Doctor Theron Jascar
(Chief Medical Officer)

Lt.Commander David Kobango
(Chief Science Officer)

Counselor Catherine Lee

Crewman Neldon
(Bartender, Ten Forward)


Lieutenant Moira O'Shea
(Operations Manager)

Crewman Reto Kevas

SCPO Thordon
(Shuttle maintenance supervisor)


Cadet Tori Xedon

Commander Ben Tucker
(Chief Engineer)
Commander Alexander E. Westmore
(Strategic Operations Officer)