These stories are rated J for "judge for yourself"

I find rating the content of my stories for suitability to certain audiences or age groups extremely difficult. A large part of the problem is that these things differ from person to person and from culture to culture. Some people may, for example, find nudity a lot more offensive than strong language, while for others it may be just the opposite. 

Before you start reading you should be aware that:

1) You won't find any explicit description of sexual acts. I never found it necessary to go into any details of what the characters do once "the lights go out".
2) Strong language on the other hand, or what some may consider so, will find its way into the Valkyrie stories when the situation calls for it. If I believe some character would use a word that may be replaced by a *bleep* on television it will be in the story. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.
3) The same goes for violence as well: When people get hurt, maimed, or killed it's in the story - if I think it should be mentioned. You won't find pages filled with gory details, but neither are the Valkyrie stories fairytales in which everyone lives happily ever after.


Not everything you read here will make sense unless you know a bit about the background story

Please note that some parts of the background of USS Valkyrie may not be explained in the stories. If you haven't done so already it may be best to take a look at the "History" part of this site before you start reading. My fan fiction takes quite a few liberties with Star Trek canon, and that page explains most of the "why" and "in which way".


And now, (almost) without further ado...

The stories listed below fall into four different categories, but all are presented in the (chronological) order they are intended to be read.

Regular Valkyrie episodes.

Snapshots: What I call Snapshots are very short stories (under 1,000 words). While I intended each of them to stand on its own - if you know the characters and background - they are a bit like bonus material on DVDs: Scenes that could have made it into one of the larger stories, but didn't. For now I will collect them on a separate page that you can access through a link at the end of the episode list below. 

Short stories: Several of my short stories are intended to be read as part of a larger story, but not all of them. While (so far) they are all part of the ongoing Valkyrie storyline, I discovered that there are things I want to tell that fit nowhere else.

Tales From The Frontier: The Tales are set in the same universe as the Valkyrie adventures, but are not strictly part of the ongoing plot. For example, stories that focus entirely on character background or the adventures of some "minor characters" fall into this category. What sets them apart from the Snapshots or other "sideline stories" is that the Tales are at least novella length, i.e. 17,000 words or more.


Cry Havoc!

Episode 1

By The Sword

Episode 2

Future Tense

Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5

Challenge Short story 
Said The Spider...

Episode 6

When It Rains

Tales From The Frontier 1

To Catch A Thief

Episode 7

Taking A Walk Vignette / Short Story
Riding The Tiger

Tales From The Frontier 2


Episode 8  (includes four short stories that form part of the episode)

Physical Punishment

Short story

Survivors - Part One: Repercussions

Episode 9

Trust (Work in Progress)

Tales From The Frontier 3


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