Canon any why I depart from it

The "USS Valkyrie universe" is almost identical to the canon established by the Star Trek TV shows and movies up until late 2371 (DS9 season 3).

After that, the Chaos War changes everything. There is no Federation-Klingon war in 2372, no Dominion-War, and the events of "Generations" don't take place in this timeline.

There are two main reasons why I have chosen to set up the background for my stories like this:

(1) The adventures of the Valkyrie are a direct continuation of what has happened during a roleplaying game I participated in (the adventures of the USS Galahad) and the continuation of said game as I had planned it before the game died for want of player interest (the adventures of the USS Eclipse). The Chaos War was what I had in mind as the finale of that game and it provided a perfect springboard for my imagination, once I started writing.

(2) While at least part of the Valkyrie stories could have been set in the aftermath of the Dominion War, I wanted to have both Romulans and Cardassians available as major antagonists and some of the ideas I had in mind called for a possible confrontation between Starfleet and Klingon forces that would have been difficult to pull off with Martok and Worf being the most influential figures in Klingon politics.

Now what the heck is this "Chaos War" he is blabbering about you may ask yourself. Well, just read on and you will find out. (While there are a few more changes to the canon timeline, they are of a kind that I would like to reveal in the course of my stories, not spell out here.)

History of the Chaos War



MARCH 2372

APRIL 2372


APRIL 27, 2372

All around the Federation flaming spheres just disappeared as if they had never been and yet billions of dead attested to the existance of the unstoppable invaders. 

In another dimension the sons of Odin focused their last strength on a tiny speck of light and sent it home. 

“Farewell and may your world be reborn just as ours will be” echoed through everyones head aboard the Eclipse.


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