Welcome to my gallery of "not Valkyrie but still Trek" images. I did a lot of photomanipulations long before I started writing the Valkyrie series. Images that relate to neither Star Trek, nor the Valkyrie stories will still go into the "Other Works" section of this site, but once upon a time a lot of my creative energy went into things Trek, and creating a new page to showcase the results seemed like a good idea, especially since a lot of my previous work had an influence on what eventually turned into my fan-fiction series, long before I even started writing.

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I guess you may not be able to fully appreciate these images if you are unfamiliar with the Star Trek roleplaying game produced by Decipher Inc. The first two images I did just for fun, the other two as covers for possible netbooks.

USS Galahad USS Eclipse The Farthest Star Prfofiteers


Ah, the good old days of the Galahad roleplaying game. These are some of my earliest "promotional images", done long before writing Star Trek fan fic became even a glint in my eye. Still, despite some obvious shortcomings, I like them all - especially "Saint Crispin's Day" for the invisible character. ;-)

Dark Moon Rising
Lt. Veal and Lt. Amaya are abducted by an ancient civilization of sentient machines who need fresh bodies to base their latest androids on.
Above and Beyond
The Romulans offer a unique chance - a joint operation to investigate the secrets of the ancient machine civilization, but can they be trusted?
Saint Crispin's Day
Far away from home the Galahad makes first contact with the Elomani, but can either of them survive first contact with an intelligence that wants nothing more than to eradicate every telepath in the galaxy?
Time After Time
Hitoshi Nomura had a crush on Lt. Winger from the start. But when Commander Nomura-Winger arrives from the future he gets second thoughts about their relationship - and his wife-to-be.

The Komari Series

Now this is something I may actually turn into a story one day. I never got to roleplay most of what went into these images, but one of these days you may actually get to read some of the things happening "behind" those images. The aliens in "Redemption" and "Sowing the Storm" are creatures scanned from a Dungeons & Dragons (3rd edition) Monster Manual.

Sent to assist a Federation Ambassador tasked with helping the Komari to become a member of the Federation, the Galahad is drawn into an ancient rivalry.
The Maw of Hell
An attempt to uncover why the Tok'Ma'Re hate the Komari so much turns up a little more than the crew of the Galahad hoped to uncover.
Sowing the Storm
When the last of the ancient Slavers awake, there is nothing that can stand in their way, unless ancient enemies can set aside their rivalry and make a stand - together.

Turning Points

Another three-image series - this time about the life of Tarin Veal. Most of the ideas that fueled my creativity here went into 'When It Rains'. 

Turning Points 1 - When It Rains Turning Points 2 - Lessons In Love Turning Points 3 - Decisions

Daydreams 1 - To Boldly Go Daydreams 2 - Nine Dozen Swords Daydreams 3 - Never Surrender


Tarin Veal shares her favorite holodeck program Hitoshi Nomura reluctantly admits a visitor Captain McSorley keeps to himself

Here is a series of images I did back in 2003, when my ideas were still focused on the "Chaos War" that has now become part of the background for the Valkyrie series. Every image relates to about a month of what happened during the Chaos War, as detailed in the History section, except for "Darkness and Light", which is pretty much about the last day(s) of the war.

Mindfield Valhalla Midgard Ragnarok (Take 1) Ragnarok (Take 2) Darkness and Light

While I was working on the "Master of Chaos" series presented above, I started some experiments with mixing different elements in the image backgrounds. If any of this would ever be written, "Tales of the Chaos War" would most likely turn out to be a collection of short stories highlighting some of the events not covered in the main stories. But since I have (at this time) no intention of writing these stories, all I can offer now are some images I created long ago. I hope you still enjoy them. 

Yggdrasill Einherjar Mjollnir

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