Prologue Ė Allís well


First Officer's Log, USS Valkyrie, Stardate 49739.1: During the last two days more than half the Cardassian attack-wing managed to find its way out off the Argolis cluster and we expect to see some more of them over the next few days. Thankfully most of them found their way back to neutral space and are now limping towards the Cardassian border. Those few who came out off the Argolis in Federation space have been escorted to the border by the Starfleet ships sent from Betazed.

While there are hardly enough ships around to call our small group a 'task-force', at least the Cardassians are no longer itching for a fight. Almost all their ships have taken serious damage and it should be quite a while before the Second Order is in any shape to trouble Starfleet and the Federation again. About the only unresolved issue that remains is the Ferengi Marauder that has for several days managed to avoid the Malinche's best efforts to track them down. While the business of the Ferengi in this sector may be quite legitimate, the lengths to which they have gone to avoid all Starfleet ships in the vicinity leave serious doubts about that. Hunting down smugglers may not be our top-priority, but as we have received new orders today, that issue is out off our hands anyway.

Starfleet wants us to map the outskirts of the Argolis cluster as much as we can. This has been done before, but previous efforts have never been very thorough. While we are a bit under-staffed in the science department, the Valkyrie is still the best equipped vessel in the area to undertake such a study and it should give us ample time to run some drills and simulations. Our initial mission profile had foreseen us patrolling the Romulan border for at least three to four months. Therefore most of our training efforts have concentrated on a possible confrontation with Romulan forces, but neglected the possibility of an imminent conflict with the Cardassians. I already have several simulations and exercises in mind to correct this deficiency and plan to bring this up with the Captain tomorrow.


Personal Log, Dar Enikal, Stardate 49739.1: I am still not sure what has happened to me and the rest of the crew and both Tarin and Doctor Jascar have been reluctant to discuss the details with anyone. On the other hand I have almost no recollection of whatever it was that knocked out the crew and what has happened until I awoke in my quarters. Maybe it's best this way. Sometimes a few fleeting memories of it come to my mind and I can't say I like them very much.

Maybe it's best to trust Tarin and the few others who are 'in the know' and not think about it too much myself, but I am not certain about that, yet. I'll just wait a few more days and give myself more time to think things through.


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