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Welcome to USS Valkyrie, a series of Star Trek fan-fiction featuring original characters and an alternate universe that takes quite a few liberties with Star Trek canon. A description of what Valkyrie is all about might start something like this:

The year is 2372. The most devastating war in Federation history is over and Starfleet won - barely. But now the Romulans and Cardassians are poised to strike the weakened Federation, and the Klingons are ready to end their alliance with the UFP in their own bid for power and glory. The USS Valkyrie - the most-advanced Galaxy-class ship ever - and her crew are the sign of hope the Federation needs to make it through the difficult times ahead. The Valkyrie's mission: To rally the forces of Starfleet and preserve the very essence of the Federation.

Well... yes and no.

The above accurately describes part of the background of my Star Trek fan-fiction series, but if you expect "cool explosions" and big battles to be the focus of USS Valkyrie you are in for a surprise. I write about people, not special effects - military conflict may be the heart of the background, but it's not the heart of the series. The Valkyrie may be a frontline ship, but I write about her crew, not the ship. I try to present the crew as real people who struggle through difficult times and have to make some tough decisions. Those decisions have consequences, and those consequences have an influence on the crew in return. That is what I believe Star Trek is all about - people and the choices they make.

If you are still interested I hope you will join me on my journey as I tell the tales of the USS Valkyrie and her crew, so just take a look around, read, and enjoy.

11th September 2007: I have just been notified by a very kind person that someone has been using images taken from this site without my permission. 

This is not acceptable. Period.

Next time I notice something like this all the images on this site will be taken down permanently, no questions asked, no quarter given.

If you think "hey, he will never catch me, and even if he does, what can he do about it", think again. I might never be able to personally give you the beating you - very richly - deserve, but you will spoil the fun for everyone else.

What's so very difficult about sending me an email and asking me for permission to use my images? Answer: Nothing! Nothing at all! 

If asked nicely I have never withheld permission to use my images, but if some lazy bastard out there thinks that's too much for him/her to do, that person might very well find his/her name - and everything else I can find out - posted here so everyone can thank him/her for getting me angry enough to take down my pics. Thanks so very much shithead.


December 28, 2006: A happy belated Christmas to you all. :-) I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and have a great start into 2007. :-)

That aside: Valkyrie will officially go into hiatus. 

I tried to avoid that decision - or rather that announcement - the best I could, but there is no denying it. Other projects have taken on more importance for me, so Valkyrie will now be on hold until further notice. The last few weeks I have churned out several images and quite a bit of text for a completely unrelated story, which I call Year Of The Dragon. Right now my goal is to build up a... "buffer" of text and images for that story, then publish it in weekly installments. Once I have enough material to feel comfortable turning it into an ongoing series I'll put a link to it here somewhere.

But: Sooner or later I hope to return to Valkyrie, and if any one of you would like to be informed when that happens, just send me an email to the address give below. Just put something like "Valkyrie - keep me informed" in the subject line and I'll notify you as soon as another episode comes online. :-)

September 10, 2006: Added two more image to "Other Work". Hope you like them. :-)

August 1, 2006: The "Contact" section below has changed, i.e. there is a new email address in case you feel like contacting me.















While I write Valkyrie mostly for the fun of it, I would like to hear how you like it. If you haven't done so already, why not send me an email and give me a piece of your mind? The address is:

But before you start writing, there are two three things I'd like to add: 

(1) If you restrict your comments to a few short remarks (good characters, bad pacing, etc.) that's fine by me - your feedback is the only way for me to know what (in your eyes) I am doing right or wrong, so even a few short words from any one of you would be great. :-)

(2) There is a big difference between "your stories are %#&$, because..." and "Personally I don't like it, because...". I will reply to each and every message sent to me concerning Valkyrie, but remember the old saying "do unto others...". ;-)

(3) If you just want to say "Hi" that's fine by me. :-) My visitor counter tells me a lot about where you may be from, or what you read on this site, but I wouldn't mind getting to know the people who stay long enough to check out my little corner of the Trek fan-fic scene. :-)


Copyright and other Ferengi print

"Star Trek", related marks, and other elements of the Star Trek franchise are copyright and/or trademark of Paramount Pictures. Some elements and ideas used in the stories are the property of Last Unicorn Games or Decipher Inc. 
No infringement of any existing rights is intended by this site or its content. While I use many copyrighted and/or trademarked parts of the "Star Trek universe" in my fan-fiction and images (and they could therefore be considered a derivative work), I still consider my work "fair use", even if the doctrine of copyright law may not exactly agree with me. But this site and its content are a not-for-profit hobby of mine that is intended to add to the world of Star Trek, not take away anything from anyone who has a legitimate interest in preserving their rights to any part of the franchise.

Unless otherwise noted all stories and photomanipulations are the creation of Andreas Bodensohn ( that's me) and as such may not be used without my express permission. If you see something on this site that you would like to use yourself, let me know. If you agree to credit me for the creation of my work I see little reason not to share it with other Star Trek fans, but I'd like to be asked first. 

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